How to follow all things SAP HANA related (and more)

Recently I’ve heard from many people that they’re switching to Twitter for their source of news. Why? Because it does all the work for them. Many of the tweets that I follow normally supply a link to a blog or article worth reading. The only downside is the information overload and the excessive amount of “noise” that you need to get through to find the relevant information. Often, Google news (and web) search doesn’t cut it either. So, how do we effectively get through this noise? Here is where a service called Topsy comes in. It is a social search search engine and I think it helps a ton for finding relevant SAP news. For example:

Find news and information on HANA:

Find news and information on SAP BWA:

And my favorite, all news and information on SAP BWA, HANA, and In-Memory technology.

No more need to constantly check your twitter updates, or your RSS, or your feed burner. Just search here. I’m trying to think of ways how I can use the API to provide an even more meaningful way to bring these topics to the people who care. I think there should be a one-stop shop for finding all news regarding in memory computing from SAP. More on that to come…