Why Jive Will Win in the Enterprise

Social is all of the rage now with the kids. So when does it become all of the rage for the enterprise? Well, the time is now. I recently (although the article is dated) read a very good article over at Gigaom: Jive Software Wants to Be Facebook for the Enterprise. This started over our company’s recent interest to explore what Jive really is and why it’s making huge waves in the enterprise tech scene. So why do I think Jive will win the race for enterprise social networking? Let’s first address the issues for why a company would adopt such a practice in the first place.

It’s clear that in today’s age, collaboration with external is the key to better productivity. Why? It’s simple.

  1. We have thousands of things documented in our company (and mainly in Microsoft solutions).
  2. There is no clear communication path both internally and externally about comments, opinions, feedback, etc. to documented information that is company related.
  3. We live in an age of Wikinomics and now value that a company is better off by being more open and collaborative with it’s ecosystem.

There is now ROI numbers behind these assumptions (…and what exec doesn’t love ROI?): Jive Caes Studies.

So why will Jive win in the enterprise? Easy. Let’s remember what enterprises love when selecting a software vendor:

  1. Proven Technology – Web application development (and the SaaS model) is becoming more and more a proven way to deliver enterprise class applications. Also, its written in Java, which has always been enterprise friendly.
  2. Proven Management – Check out their impressive list of people on their board and management team: Jive Management Team
  3. Impressive Customer Base – SAP, Nike, Toshiba, Yum, etc etc. the list goes on. Here comes the ‘IBM effect’. (i.e. “You can’t get fired for using IBM”)
  4. Steaks and Strippers – Jive is ramping up it’s sales and PR machine rapidly. Just remember to tip your waitress.

There’s a ton of players in this space. As far as I can tell there is also Yammer and Chatter in the real mix, but I see Jive really coming up big in the next few years. Only question now is, where do I invest?