Tech Disruptive is the personal blog of Michael Bestvina. I am an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, technology evangelist, and SAP performance and integration specialist, with a focus on adaptations to disruptive technologies in the enterprise ecosystem. Why did I chose to start this blog? Two reasons: (1) I’m passionate about disruptive technologies, business, and innovation and (2) I’m an awful at writing. What better way to voice your opinion and practice writing?

My Background
I started my career as a Senior Support Consultant in the Business Intelligence CoE at SAP Americas Active Global Support. (is that a mouthful or what?) During my time there I was exposed to several technologies that were arguably considered disruptive to the SAP-BI ecosystem. It began early with Java and Portals, then lead into BW Accelerator, and eventually into integration with Business Objects. Some would say I was a bit of a firefighter. I was fortunate enough to be able to work with customers in several countries/continents, lived in Germany for a year, and had exposure to some of the world’s largest companies. Truly an invaluable experience. In 2009 I was nominated by SAP as a ‘Top Talent’ for my work in many of these areas. Realizing I needed a more challenging and risk-vs-reward lifestyle I decided to leave and start my own company with a good friend of mine in the web development space. I decided to get back into the enterprise landscap and joined Xoomworks, a boutique IT consulting and outsourcing company based in London. There I learned everything from managing a P&L, sales, marketing, mentoring, coaching, etc. As part of my tenure there I fully developed and trained an iOS development team and launch some cool iOS apps for enterprise IT departments to help their business capture mobile experiences. After getting the itch to do my own thing, I left in March 2013 and now own and run Ignite Lab, helping business ignite their innovative ideas to reality, and Compete Hub, a website aimed at being the most useful triathlon event site in the world.

After having seen both sides of the spectrum of technology (large enterprise and ISV) I decided that a part of my speciality was to understand what challenges both areas face and how they can learn from each other.

My Toolset

  • MacBook Pro (2008) / iPhone 4
  • Photoshop/Pixelmator for graphics
  • TextWrangler for coding (HTML/CSS/Python/PHP)
  • Chrome for the lulz

Fun with Technology

  • Self-taught HTML/CSS/PHP and recently Python/Django
  • My hosting provider is: Webfaction (love the service for the price)
  • I run an OpenVPN server via Linode (got 6 months free with their promotion!)
  • I often screw around with AWS and try to hack things together


mbesto _AT_ gmail _DOT_ com