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Screw it, I’m writing a book

I’m going to Sydney for Christmas holidays for two weeks and therefore have a nice 20hour or something haul from London to Sydney (and another one on the way back too). What better opportunity to get into absolute flow and crank out something I’m extremely passionate about: Starting an Enterprise Technology Company Under 30 – From Beginning to Middle (working title)

The target market for this will be:

  • Young entrepreneurs who either have experience in B2C start-ups or haven’t done anything¬†entrepreneurial¬†yet (but want to)
  • Entrepreneurs who are interested in selling to the enterprise

With the purpose of:

  • Providing some lessons learned
  • Some how-to’s and gotchas
  • Regurgitating¬†some of the best advice I’ve been given

Let’s see if I can quell that Lizard Brain of mine.

Let’s do it.