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Why am I so productive at home?

Today I did the following:

  • Sent about 10 e-mails to potential leads
  • Tracked all of those leads in an excel spreadsheet
  • Showered
  • Wrote a proposal for potential business
  • Discussed idea generation for our innovation lab with my boss
  • Went to the Physio to check on my knee
  • Ate twice
  • Wrote two spec sheets for new hiring applications
  • Brainstormed ideas for a new business app
  • Setup multiple calls with partners and clients
  • Bought a flight to Stockholm

..and I worked from home. I liked to think I’m a fairly productive person regardless of the situation, but wow that felt great to get that all done. I think any job that is possible to do remotely should be allowed to work remotely. The monotony of going into a office everyday can be quite a drag. Also attending conferences, client meetings, etc also just drains you. Sometimes you just need to be in your room and just hack away at things.

Why can’t all businesses be like this? Are we forcing people down productivity paths that are, well, ummm.. non-productive? It leads me to think that regardless of what technologies promise “better productivity”, humans are still the limiting factor behind unproductive work.